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This is the official site of the Boy Scouts of America.
This is the official Webpage of the Connecticut Rivers Council.
National Order of the Arrow site

Order of the Arrow:  Wilawi Chapter

Wilawi is one of the eight chapters of the OA Tschitani Lodge #10  Connecticut Rivers Council serving the Hockanum River District

This link to brings you to the Troop 880 Facebook page.
Pack 389 This is the site of a South Windsor Cub Scout Pack.   A Great site and a Great Pack.
The Macscouter Great site for skits, clipart, recipes and a whole lot more.
Merit Badges This site contains all the requirements for advancements, ranks, etc. Lots of great material here.
InterNETional Scouting Fantastic site with links all over the world. You could spend your scouting career following all the links this site has to offer.




KNOTS (Animated)

Scout Rank Requirement

Square Knot Known as the joining knot because it can join together two rope and it is the first knot a learns as they join their troop.

Tenderfoot Rank Requirement

Two Half Hitches Knot used to tie a rope around a post.
Taut-Line Hitch Knot used to tighten or loosen a tent guyline by pushing the hitch up or down.

First Class Rank Requirement

Timber Hitch Knot used to drag a log across the ground.
Clove Hitch Knot used in scouting to start and finish a lashing.
Bowline Knot used to make a reasonably secure loop in the end of a piece of rope.
Sheet Bend Knot used for joining two ropes of unequal size.



Cold Weather Camping This are good tips to reference if you are planning any cold weather camp outs in the near future.
Philmont Cookbook This is an awesome cookbook that is jam packed with tons of good information on camp cooking and menus... a must read!
Dutch Oven Temperature Chart This chart can help to get that temperature just right as you cook your favorite Dutch Oven recipe.



Visit the Town of South Windsor Visit the Official Webpage of the Town of South Windsor, Connecticut.
SouthWindsor.Com Another local site dedicated to South Windsor.   Check it out......
Information Analytics is the host of the Troop 880 Webpage. 
Troopmaster Software Our Troop uses Troopmaster for Windows from TSI for our advancement records. Check out their site for some great software at good prices.

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