Troop 880 Site Map



This site has been developed as a place to provide information to families within Troop 880 and also to allow others interested in Scouting to visit from anywhere in the world.  The site is prepared in Microsoft FrontPage.  Due to my lack of knowledge on how to optimize the page for other browsers and screen formats, I apologize if the page is harder to maneuver through for those of you with other browsers or monitor settings.  Below I will attempt to give you a run down of what you will find on each page.  

Now on with the description of our site............



Advancement This page contains links regarding advancement and merit badges.  If you are working on advancement or need or are working on a particular merit badge or badges, you will find some valuable information on this page.


Bulletin Board This is the place that you might look for upcoming events or special meetings that need additional description but don't really fit under any other location on the site. 


Calendar The Calendar is posted once a year showing the upcoming meetings, campouts, school days off, holidays, and other information relevant to the Troop.  I will attempt to edit it to include updated information and I will attempt to cross link it to detailed information when that becomes available.


Contact Info This page contains the contact information for the troop.  The postal and email contacts are both listed on this page.


Cool Links These are our favorite links.  They include links to our council page, favorite camping locations, scouting resources, and other site of interest.


Donations This page explains at a high level our yearly expenses and then informs the reader on how to donate to our scout troop.


Eagle Scouts This is the listing of our Boys that have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.


Forms We will post most of our forms on this page where they can be downloaded and viewed using Adobe Acrobat.  If you don't have Acrobat, you can download it at the Adobe Webpage.


Handbook Our handbook is complete and has been posted on the site.  


Leadership This page lists much of our adult leadership.  Please contact us if you have interest in joining the Troop or just have comments on our Webpage.


OA Order of the Arrow information.


Photos This is where we will share photos of some of our trips.  Watch for some good  photos of great times  by the boys and adults.


Protected Info This page is protected by password access and contains personal troop information.


Webelos Info Local Webelos Dens should be looking here to see how Troop 880 could help them on their road to becoming a Boy Scout.  Scheduled Webelos events and an invite from our troop to participate in our scheduled weekly meetings.

This page last modified: January 03, 2011