Proficiency Skills Star Rank



These activities are to be preformed by the scout only.  No outside interference, assistance or coaching is permitted at any point.  The scout is give a reasonable amount of time to perform each activity based on the complexity of the task.  Excessive use of time in completing these tasks will be noted and communicated to the Board of Review. The idea is to determine if the scout has learned the skill prior to taking the Skills Test.



Proficiency skills required to advance to the rank of First Class


The skills the scouts must demonstrate will be selected by the adult leaders. They will include 10 skills from prior ranks (Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class) and two skills from the bulleted list below.

  • Cook of full meal over an open fire that you build.

  • Lash a Tripod and Square lashing.

  • Demonstrate the proper way to treat a person for a broken arm.

  • Bandage an ankle sprain.

  • Identify 3 poisonous plants out of line-up of 7 pictures.

  • Identify 10 topographical symbols from a list of 25 (Scout Handbook p. 67).

  • Build a shelter with a tarp and rope or natural materials.

  • Use splints to immobilize an arm or a leg.

If planned for ahead of time with the leaders, certain skills can be demonstrated during a camping trip.



The road to Eagle Scout is meant to challenge each scout. While there are choices a scout can make in ones selection of merit badges, special awards and projects, there is no flexibility with respect to the skills listed for advancement within the Boy Scout Handbook. These skills are required. When a candidate for Eagle Scout has mastered the skills required for Eagle Scout and passed that knowledge onto other scout, they will be ready to wear the Eagle metal with pride.


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