Troop 880 Handbook

Section 4 - Activities



A. Troop Meetings


Troop meetings are held on each Thursday evening at Wapping Community Church. The meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. and end at 9:00 p.m. unless designated otherwise. There is NO regular Troop meeting on the First Thursday of the month, and the Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC) meets on this day from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. This is also the night that Boards of Review are held. The Troop Calendar is published annually at the end of August and is updated as necessary during the year. Be sure and post this calendar so you will know when meetings and activities are planned throughout the year.  The Troop Calendar is also posted on our web site (


All troop meetings are led by the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) or Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and the activities are run by the boys.  They follow the program plan developed by the Patrol Leaders' Council (a monthly meeting of the youth leaders of the troop).


Meetings are held to:

  • Provide leadership opportunities for the boys.

  • Plan and prepare for various troop activities.

  • Reinforce the principles of Scouting.

  • Provide experiences toward advancement and merit badge attainment.

  • Feature occasional speakers on a variety of topics of interest to the boys.

  • Enjoy lively games, competition, and other recreational events.

Additionally, troop meetings are the best opportunity for Scouts and parents to see what activities are scheduled for the year. Sign up sheets are also available for upcoming activities that require advance "registration" by Scouts who plan to attend and for adults who plan to attend and/or drive.  A Troop 880 Newsletter is also published by a parent volunteer on a regular basis and contains information on upcoming events.


Boys should also see the Scoutmaster to sign up for a Scoutmaster Conference, which is required for a Scout's rank advancement and must be completed prior to a Board of Review.   Upon completion of the Scoutmaster Conference, they should schedule their Board of Review, which is also required for rank advancement.



B. Campouts and Other Outings


When the Troop schedules campouts, tours or other outings, please arrive at the appointed time. Schedules and agendas may not allow the Troop to wait for Scouts who cannot be ready to leave on time.


It is advised that at least one parent wait at the assembly location until the responsible "Troop Leader" arrives. This will allow the leader the opportunity to correct problems with medical forms, fees, and inform the parents of any changes to the event. The usual assembly location for Troop 880 is Wapping Community Church parking lot unless otherwise designated.


The camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities are essential elements of the advancement and overall youth development process. Scouting in the outdoors helps to teach self-reliance by utilizing and developing skills such as swimming, camping, hiking, canoeing, cooking, bicycling, backpacking, and climbing.  Boys learn to accommodate the group needs as well as to eventually provide group leadership.  The troop is organized so that the older Scouts and trained adults provide instruction and support as new experiences are encountered.


The trip leader does their best to minimize the cost of each outing.  As the trip date nears, funds are sent out for camp sites and to cover other trip event costs.  To keep the cost to the scout to a minimum and to keep the troop from losing money on any trip, this policy was put in place.  "Late cancellations may not be refunded".


1. Monthly Camping - Camping and other outdoor experiences through the year are normally held at a variety of parks, campgrounds, and reserves. Troop 880 generally has at least one outing every month. These include day hikes, service projects, drive-in camps, long term camps, short weekend backpacking trips, and others.  These are planned by the Patrol Leaderís Council (PLC) with the supervision of the Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmasters.  All activities are presented to the parent committee for review and approval.


Each patrol will camp as a group in the troop campsite and will be responsible for their area of the campsite. All BSA camping etiquette will be followed and low impact camping procedures used.  All persons must be prepared for the prevailing weather and activities.  Each patrol pays for its own meals and assesses the cost of food among the boys attending the camp out.  If a boys decides at the last minute not to attend, his money will not be refunded. 


Parents are frequently needed to drive troop equipment or boys to the campsites.  Parent volunteers are requested.  Late arrivals and early departures for camp-outs can be accommodated to allow boys the most opportunity to participate but please inform the Scoutmaster or other Troop Leader in charge of the campout if you need to arrive late or depart early.  Upon returning from a camp-out, all Scouts must stay until the troop gear/equipment is properly stored. 2 leaders will stay until the last Scout is picked up. 


The Troop does not allow unsafe or "distractive" items on outings and other Scout activities.  Such items as audiovisual equipment (CD players, portable radios, tape players, video games, or TVs), any guns or water-spewing items (water guns, balloons, etc. with some exceptions), knives (other than pocket knives), or any toy or other item that might be potentially unsafe to use or distracting from Scout activities must be left at home. If there is any question on an item that is brought on a Scout outing, an adult leader should be asked prior to using it and if it becomes dangerous or distractive, it will be confiscated and returned to the Scout's parents with an explanation.


2. Summer Camp - is held usually during the second week of July and consists of a Sunday to Saturday camping experience. 



C. Community Service


Community Service by definition is donated service or an activity that is performed by someone or a group of people for the benefit of the public or its institutions.  Community service teaches our scouts about their role in the community in which they live.  Our troop believes that a scout should be active in their community and to serve others over the needs of themselves. 


Troop 880 provides multiple service opportunities during to year to assist our scouts in fulfilling their requirements for rank advancement.  However, there is a need for the scout to participate in some form of Community Service that they may have to find on their own.  In that case, your service must meet the following guidelines:

  • It must be something that benefits others in your community.

  • It must be something that you aren't paid for to complete.

  • It must be something that you aren't required to do.

  • It must be something that you are not using for a community service requirement needed for another organization you belong.

  • The organization receiving the community service will not profit monetarily for your service.


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