Junior Leader Job Description


Introduction:    The troop Scribe keeps the troop records.  He records the activities of the Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC) and keeps a record of dues, if any, and scout attendance at troop meetings. 


Responsible to:  Assistant Senior Patrol leader (and works with the Troop committee member responsible for records and finance).


Specific Duties:

  • Need a notebook for campouts and meetings. This should be a bound book so we do not loose the sheets.

  • Attend and keep a log of Patrol Leaders' Council meetings (Take meeting minutes, write them up and distribute them to the troop leadership).

  • Keep the monthly activities calendar up-to-date. (distribute it to troop leadership).

  • Attend and keep a log of Troop meetings.

  • Record attendance at all meetings, campouts and events.


  • Set a good example.

  • Wear the uniform correctly.

  • Live by the Scout Oath and Law.


This page last modified: February 10, 2008