Junior Leader Job Description


Introduction:    As the troop Quartermaster, you are responsible for all the equipment the Troop uses. This is a position is one requiring responsibility, trustworthiness and dedication. No scout can be issued any equipment without your knowledge and approval. The equipment of the troop is a critical asset of our scouting program.  You must insure ant all equipment is accounted for and functioning correctly.


Responsible to:  Assistant Senior Patrol leader / Senior Patrol Leader (and works with the Troop committee member responsible for equipment)


Specific Duties:

  • Keep records of Patrol and Troop equipment.

  • Personally check out equipment immediately before the Troop leaves for an outing. (Always issue equipment that is in good order).

  • Check-in the equipment at first Thursday meeting after an outing (all equipment MUST be returned in good working order.)

  • Report any lost, damaged or late returns of equipment to ASPL. Make sure you know who was responsible for the equipment when it was lost or damaged.

  • Keep equipment in good repair.

  • Suggest new or replacement items.

  • Insure that all equipment is locked and secured in the storage area

  • Work with Troop committee member responsible for equipment.

  • If you cannot attend a campout, assign a Quartermaster for the campout and show them the process of checking in and out equipment.


  • Set a good example.

  • Wear the uniform correctly.

  • Live by the Scout Oath and Law.


This page last modified: February 10, 2008