Chaplain Aide




Junior Leader Job Description


Introduction:  The Chaplain Aide works with the Troop Chaplain to meet the religious needs of Scouts in the troop.  He also works to promote the religious emblems program.


Responsible to:  Assistant Senior Patrol Leader / Chaplain.


Specific Duties:

  • Gives Troop Closing Prayer.

  • Assists the Troop Chaplain with religious services at troop activities.

  • Tells Scouts about the religious emblems program for their faith.

  • Makes sure religious holidays are considered during troop program planning.

  • Helps plan for religious observance in troop activities, especially campouts and Courts of Honor.



  • Set a good example.

  • Wear the uniform correctly.

  • Live by the Scout Oath and Law.


This page last modified: February 10, 2008