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Rank Advancement
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Rank Advancement


Rank advancement is an important part of the Scout program and that the BSA believes that a scout should receive recognition for his achievements.


Click here  to view the Rank Advancement Guidelines followed by this troop.


The requirements for the ranks of Tenderfoot through First Class prepare you to take full advantage of all that Scouting has to offer. Star, Life, and Eagle requirements focus on service to others and developing leadership skills.

Requirements for each rank are outlined in the Boy Scout Handbook. You can work on advancement requirements with your parents or other family members, with other Scouts and with adult Scout leaders. This can be done on your own, in patrol and troop meetings, and during other troop functions such as campouts.



BSA Requirements to be achieved to advance to your next rank.


Key skills to be mastered and tested with a Troop 880 Scout Master prior to requesting a Board of Review

Merit Badge


Merit Badges can be earned throughout the Scouting program.  Earning merit badges allows you to explore many fields, helps you round out your skills, and introduces you to subjects that will perhaps become lifelong interests or a rewarding career. There are more than 100 merit badges for you to choose from.  Some Merit Badges are required in order to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. Others are not.  The ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle all require that a specified number of merit badges be earned. 


You can find information about merit badge requirements in the appropriate merit badge pamphlets, the Internet and in the current year's Boy Scout Requirements book.  All printed materials are available in your Scout Shop or Council Trading Post, or a store which sells Scouting supplies in your area.


Click here for a great web site for looking up the latest requirements for each of the merit badges.



Merit Badge Matrix


Troop 880's Merit Badge Matrix offers a standardized program for completion of Eagle Required Merit Badges.  Please review so you can see when the offerings for each badge are recommended to be taken.


Click here to see Troop 880's Merit Badge Matrix.


Merit Badge Counselors


Merit badge counselors are the key to success in the merit badge plan. They offer their time, experience, and knowledge to help guide Scouts in one or more of the merit badge subjects.


The counselor's responsibility is to

  1. Assist the Scout as he plans the assigned projects and activities to meet the merit badge requirements.

  2. Coach Scouts through interviews and demonstrations on how to do the required skills of the craft, business, or hobby.

  3. Certify the Scout after determining whether he is qualified for the merit badge.

Click here to see Troop 880's Merit Badge Counselors.


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Merit Badge Sample Agendas


This section show you sample agendas for Merit badges that were offered in the past. These are detailed agendas that may or may not suit your needs.  Consider providing some outline that can be posted on this site to help parents and boys be prepared for the meetings.


Click here for a Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge sample agenda.


Click here for a Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge sample agenda.




Last modified: April 28, 2021